Squirtie is a mascot for this wiki. Eaglewater is the one who created him. If you wanted to draw a picture of him for the art template, be sure to not to color it in. (so other people can color it in) I hope this helps!

- User:Eaglewater

Squirtie's ears

Step 1: Squirtie's ears are flat on his head. (Don't forget to add ear pink!)

Step 2: Add Squirtie's fur on top of his head.

Step 3: Add Squirtie's fur on the sides of his head.

Step 4: Add Squirtie's neck

Step 5: Don't forget his eyes! ^^

Step 6: Draw Squirtie's snout Step 7: Make Squirtie's nose at the end of his snout Step 8: Draw Squirtie's mouth below his nose.

Step 9: Draw Squirtie's shoulders Step 10: Color him in!

Squirtie colored in

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